The show

Madame Berlue, dreamer sat upon her park bench, meets Mademoiselle Zygote, fallen pop star; and two universes collide.

Exuberant, poetic, intense and burlesque, the women share their sweet madness, socio-political commentary, and secret gardens, almost entirely without words.

If our inner adult: naughty, mischievous and sensitive; opens its eyes, ears and heart wide enough to the hearty performance on stage, silently agreeing to don our collective clown nose; the magic begins.

Let us smile, let us laugh, let us be moved by the profound symbolic language expressing a surrealistic view of both the grandiose and mundane; of these unexpected encounters weaving out human existence together, embellishing and softening life’s rougher edges.
They both live on the street. Zygote is a great fallen diva and Mrs. Berlue is the optimist. Berlue desperately wants to help her new found friend. They meet in a park and try to get to know each other. They want to live again. They want to rekindle hope and bring new meaning into their lives. It is not an easy task because their scars are deep.

Is their venture realistic? Is it possible to begin a new life when you've lost everything? Is it possible to shine again after your star is not twinkling anymore? Is the quest worthwhile? What do you do when your world has been turned upside down?

The two clowns will answer these questions by using universal sign language, rumbling noise. onomatopoeias and wacky songs which remind us of hymns.. The untimely friends touch upon universal themes such as success and glory, failure and destruction, hope and despair, love and courage… The show touches everybody. It reminds us of our own anxiety, broken dreams, but also of our fraternal impulses and solidarities. Their female voices speak from the heart of humankind.


"Les Divines", the story
The troupe was born out of a unique meeting between two women who hit it off both on an artistic and human level. Instead of retiring, these two female clowns decided to create their own show. Lucie Cormier is a humanitarian clown and Brigitte Charpentier is a trained actor, who goes from audition to audition and applies for grants.

They were offered a residency at the Carrefour de l'Erable in Plessisville and they teamed up with director Sylvain Binette to produce their first show: "Les Divines". With this universally themed show they intend to travel all around Quebec and all over the world!

What they say about us

An unconventional, energetic and astounding show. The words stop, the bodies speak for themselves and a waterfall of emotions without any intellectual filter is created. This show is effervescent and hilarious, but isn’t superficial. It transmits deep messages about loneliness and encounters that bring us to think about our humanity. Well done, Les Divines !

Eve Benjamin

I gave myself an evening full of laughs in this clownish ambiance suitable for adults. Those laughs that warm hearts so well and that soothe souls..

France Allard

I was highly amused by your heads, destabilized by your audacity, charmed by your candor, astonished by your energy, amazed by your play, surprised by your scene accessories, flabbergasted by your slow motion. In short, you are divine. You form an exceptional tandem.

Lucie Laplante


Brigitte Charpentier · Tel.: 1 819 806-6532